Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

What's SUP?

SUP is short for Stand Up Paddle. It means you will stand on top of a board -kind of like a big massive surfboard- with a paddle in your hands. With this paddle you can move yourself through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.

While Supping you’re not just experiencing Amsterdam uniquely, you’re also training your complete body. While supping, you’re using more than 95% of all your muscles, whatup!

Supping is one of the fastest growing watersports of this moment and once you have tried it, you know why!

Do I need lessons or experience?

No, everyone can do it! You only need to be able to swim and have a little sense of balance, but you will get the hang of it in no-time! If not, you can still SUP on your knees and have the same experience. It is just a little less Instagrammable on your knees 😉

What should I bring?

You can leave your belongings, such as extra clothes or backpacks with us. There is always someone there, but we are not responsible for your belongings. Do you want to take your valuables (Phone or camera is advised!) with you on the water? You can rent a waterproof “drybag” from us for €2,50 or buy one for €15,- to store your valuables.

Do I need a wetsuit?

You don’t need a wetsuit. The board is very stable in the water which means you hopefully won’t fall in the water;) Nevertheless, falling is always a possibility but in our opinion, it isn’t worth the effort of putting on a wetsuit.

We  do recommend you to get into those swimming trunks/bikini’s, or put on clothes that can get wet, just in case. Your shoes can get a bit wet as well, you can either store them on your SUP, or bring your slippers!


Can I bring my valuables?

You can rent a waterproof “drybag” for €2,50 or buy one for €15,- at our shop to store your valuables. If you fall in the water, your valuables will stay dry:).

We recommend bringing your phone and/or a (small) camera with you because you’ll definitely want to Instagram the hell out of your SUP experience!

Is there a minimum age?

Basically we have no minimum age, Suppen is for everyone! If you are under 16 and you want to hire our sups, please contact us.

What about the SUP board?

Our SUP boards are brand new and perfect for beginner and intermediate suppers.

More about our SUP boards

Where can we SUP?

You are free to explore the canals and waters of Amsterdam. Keep in mind that you have to cover the same distance on the way back. We can advice you on the best routes and hotspots and which time you should rent the SUP to cover them.

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