About Canal Sup


At Canal Sup we aim to provide you with the coolest way possible to explore Amsterdam. Why rent a boat when you can explore the canals of Amsterdam on a SUP board?

About us

Yannick – Sup’ Dude

Yannick is the annoying surf dude. He spends too much of his free time on the water and is way too tanned to live in the Netherlands. He already has a professional career as a kite surf instructor and will make sure you will have a good time on the water.

Angelo – One Happy Supper

Our Aruban friend Angelo is a true Supper in -As we call it in the Netherlands- heart and kidneys. This lazy Hombre doesn’t want to spend too much of an effort to having a relaxing day on the water. So supping goes all the way back to his roots.

Relax, tranquillo and have a bon dia.

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1 hour

Perfect to check out if supping is something for you!


2 hours

Ideal for a little route through west, swim at the Schinkel or visit Rembrandt park!


Half day (4H)

For those who want to experience Amsterdam from the canals or knock back with a beverage at one of our lakes!


Different wishes or groups?

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